Becoming a member implies far more than just practicing a sport or paying a fee; it means a lifestyle of integrity, respect and honesty, whether on or off the course.

It means that there is a correct way of doing things, in which winning signifies being faithful to oneself, one’s principles and one’s values. Because, here, in addition to golf, social relationships are established, which are based on respect and mutual recognition.

Attitude is important

  • Integrity

    Both off and on the course, we behave with integrity, always displaying our abilities with sportsmanship and politeness.

  • Respect

    We show maximum respect for the golf course, the etiquette and the Club Rules.

  • Etiquette

    We understand etiquette as an integral part of the game that defines our character and behaviour.

  • Principles

    We share the same spirit of the game living, as our very own, the principles of golf: integrity, honesty and respect.

  • Essence

    We promote exemplary behaviour, in which the essence of golf acts as a reference far beyond the golf course.

  • Attitude

    We acknowledge that preserving and promoting that attitude, through golf, is important.

If you wish to become a member of Real Club La Moraleja

Contact us for information regarding the necessary requirements:

+34 916 500 700 - Extensión 4